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Bungee Run

This unit provides some of the best fun you can get. With fantastic audience participation. The fun the bungee run brings is awesome, if you are looking for a party you will never forget then the inflatable bungee run is the perfect party idea.

The object of the bungee run is to get your baton further than your opponent before the bungee run cords catapult you backwards. The bungee run operator will strap each person in to the harnesses attached to the bungee cords, they will then get 3 trys down the bungee lane, each time trying to get further than your opponent, place the velcro baton down before the bungee cords pull you backwards. The results can be spectacular once you know how to get the best out of this quality piece of entertainment, this is definitely an inflatable that will keep kids and adults coming back for more and more at parties and fun days.

Suitable for children age 5 upwards to 70. The bungee run will raise many many smiles at fun day events, birthday parties, school fun day activities, corporate fun days, fetes and indoor parties, and will provide many hours of fun!

- 30 x 12 x 9 high

From £150

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All units are indoor hire only from 8th October to 12 March apart from surf and rodeo units

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